What is the best place to learn a new language?

Many people believe that learning a new language in your country is very difficult, because you cannot practice speaking or listening, and even more difficult if it is not a very common language. Although, there are people who can learn through their own ways: meeting people from those countries, using the Internet… And with these ways they don’t have to miss their family or friends.

However, according to some experts the best way to learn a new foreign language is in the same country where people live, use or work in that language. We have to keep in mind that learning a new language is not only to get to know the grammar and some vocabulary. You must meet new people from those countries, to know a work system or another way of life is significant as well. If you want to learn English you can go to England, for instance, where there is a serious system with colleges, good teachers for foreigners or places where you can live for a few weeks or months.

From this point of view, everything could be easy. But on the other hand, not everybody want to learn English, or French, or Spanish, or another language from a developed country, with democracy, with human rights… There are other people who want to learn, for example, Chinese. There aren’t many colleges or schools where you can learn this language in your own country. And if we are honest, if you want to learn this language, in a right way, you must go to China. A country where Government doesn’t respect human rights, where there is not a democracy system and where if you are a woman you can get in trouble easily.

In my opinion, as a conclusion, each form of learning a new language has its advantages and disadvantages. The important thing is to recognize which way is the most appropriate for each one.